Friday, 12 November 2010

Emperor in the orchard

Working in the orchard today checking the trees for pests and came across a magnificent Emperor Gum Moth Opodiphthera helena resting up amongst the foliage. They are not a problem for fruit trees as the food source for the larvae is eucalyptus leaves

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Snakes on the move

With the weather warming up our snakes are starting to get active, but seems like we will not have that many around, as by now I would have expected to see lots of Yellow Faced whip-snakes that are resident in the rockeries around the house, but so far only a couple sighted. Saw the first of our Common Green Tree-snakes yesterday as it was moving into the bushes in front of the house, but as yet have not sighted our Diamond Python, although its shed skin was caught up in the bush behind the house. We hope we don't have a visit this season from the Red-belly Black Snake that gets into our pond and eats the goldfish, and so far have only seen one young one. Photo Common Green Tree-snake

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fox in the backyard

Yesterday morning sighted the first fox on the property this year as it casually trotted across the paddock south of the house. We were thinking the number of foxes had been reduced due to the increase in dingos in the area and that is still likely to be the case as we haven't heard foxes much either.