Monday, 1 July 2013

A sip of nectar

Our wet weather has reduced the opportunities for photos, but a break in the weather today saw butterflies make the most of the opportunity, to feed and try and attract a mate. At this time of year we have large numbers of Common Jezabel butterflies Delias nigrina, busy mating and laying eggs on the new leaves of mistletoe for their lavae to feed on in spring.
You can't miss them when they are on the wing, as the white upper wings contrast with the predominantly black under wing, seemingly flashing on and off as they fly.
A Coastal Banksia Banksia intergrifolia has lots of flower spikes out and they are probing to be a real magnet as feeding stations.

A male flies in to take on nectar that is in plentiful supply from the mass of flowers and shows the brilliant white of the upper wings.

Once on the flower spike it wastes no time before it is sipping its fill and a honey bee also gets in for its share.