Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hare about

We occasionally see hares on the property and they are usually hard to get near, but this morning we didn't have to try, as one came hopping up right outside the office and even stayed for a few photos.

European Brown Hares Lepus capensis were brought to Australia in 1837 as sport for hunters, when an attempt was made to introduce them into the wild in Tasmania without success. In 1862 a colony was established on the shores of Westernport Bay in Victoria and from there they have spread through Victoria, Tasmania, SE South Australia, most of NSW and into southern Queensland.
They are an agricultural pest particularly in Victoria and elsewhere as they cause damage to crops and  fruit tree plantings. Although not as significant a pest as rabbits they are difficult to control as they are not affected by the biological controls that have reduced rabbit populations. 

Our visitor hopped around nibbling on grass and dandelions and even ventured right to our front door before it spied me through the window and scampered off.