Monday, 27 December 2010

Horsefly times

This is the time of year when the insects reign supreme, awake to the sound of the cicadas,  that as the day warms up becomes a non-stop background noise. However it is the biting insects that are impossible to ignore, mossies, midges and horseflies. The horseflies give a painful bite that at times can draw blood so when you are outside in the garden you are always on the watch to give them a swat when they land on an exposed bit of skin. They also bother the wallabies and kangaroos which can be seen flicking their ears & tail and swatting with their paws. Our resident wallaby, that sits just outside the office on many mornings and afternoons, is being pestered at present whilst she is doing a bit of cleaning. The biggest of the horseflies Erephopsis guttata, is fortunately a slow flier and as it has a very noisy buzz you can keep a watch on them. They also seem to lack the sense to find the skin easily as they more often than not land on your shoe/boot etc and spend some time looking for a spot to bite, this gives you a chance to swat them or if so inclined chase them away.

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