Monday, 28 February 2011

Lessons in flying

We are fortunate to have a pair of Wedge-tail eagles Aquila audax, whose territory includes our property and they are sighted most often when they are raising a young one. The food demands are high and usually they get ample from kangaroo, wallaby or deer road kill, but also they are very efficient hunters of young wallabies and kangaroos, as well as other small animals. The hill on our property is a favourite for the lift they get from  our  prevailing summer wind, which enables them to soar to height so they can glide to their next destination. We have seen them with their young most years and they have been around the past week giving flying and hunting lessons to their latest offspring.
Parent and young (right) in formation (other parent out of shot)

The youngster banks a turn

A young bird after take off in 2007


  1. Great eagle photos - how wonderful to have such a species on your property.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you liked the photos. We do feel very lucky to have such a wonderful range of wildlife on our property and in our local district. I enjoy your site as it gives a great picture of the nature in your district and of your discovery adventures.