Monday, 6 February 2012

Hot and humid

After so much wet weather today we had the sun out and very high humidity so very uncomfortable unless you were at the beach and unfortunately I wasn't> As well as making it oppressive for us the birds were keeping to the shade and fluffing their feathers to release some heat. A Lewin Honeyeater sat in the banksia in front of the deck and did some preening and just taking it easy.

One bird that seems to enjoy the humid weather and the potential of a thunder storm,  is the Spine-Tailed Swift Hirundapus caudacutus, a migrant visitor that arrives around October and leaves usually by the end of march and whilst here spend their time in the air, as they are not known to land in Australia. They have been prominent on days like today, when they arrive in numbers as the afternoon clouds started to move in and the air is full of insects such as dragonflies. They are awe inspiring to watch as they glide, swoop, dive and climb at high speed and if they pass close by their wings cut the air with a sound like tearing silk. I have tried many times to get a photo but usually end with a total miss or an out of focus shot as they flash by; but I will persist and hope to fluke one. However I have added the one below from today's attempts.

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