Saturday, 2 June 2012

Small Green-banded Blue

A small fleck of white amongst the leaves of a Melaleuca bush, just below the verandah, gave away the presence of a small butterfly; one I didn't think I had seen before, so a quick dash for the camera. It was in a very awkward position for a photo, but I did manage to get one with the light shining through the wings.
I couldn't get a better position so decided to move the branch and take the risk that it would disappear.
Fortunately it just took off for a short flight before alighting on some bracken fern where I thought I might be lucky with a better shot.

The morning sun full on the wings was somewhat glaring but also shows some of the greenish iridescent markings. On looking up the species found it to be a Small Green-Banded Blue, Danis hymetus taygetus (F) whose range is coastal from mid Queensland to near Sydney.

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