Monday, 27 August 2012

Oh! to be named common.

A moth arriving yesterday evening on the flyscreen was easily trapped by closing the window and was released this morning for a photo session. Quite an attractive moth with distinctive markings so when it came to identification the first moth I looked at in the family I thought it might belong to, was spot on. A "Common Anthelid" Anthela acuta, and this one a male as there is quite a colour and pattern variation between the sexes and I must say it does not look common to me.

One of the food plants for the caterpillars are wattles and we have quite a lot of naturally occurring species as well as ones we have planted in the gardens, so should not be surprised to see this moth.


  1. Hi Ian,
    Nice moth, and yes, judging by how regularly they turn up at my front porch light, they are pretty common.
    But as a fan of old model aeroplanes, who would not love this perfect Delta-winged model?

  2. Lovely looking moth Ian. Hopefully your wattles will attract more!

  3. Hi Caroline & Denis thanks for the comments and I was pleased to see a moth turning up for a photo sesion as they have been a bit quiet of late.