Tuesday, 4 September 2012

One known, one UFO

Two arrivals last night after I had finished posting, however I had to try and identify, so today is the day for popping them up. One is identified and the other is still a UFO.
The identified flyer is of the Geometrinae family cyneoterpna wilsoni with the underwing markings making it a standout identity.
However I am as yet stumped on the UFO even though you would think the distinctive colouring and markings would make the ID a sitter, so I will be pleased if anyone can put a name to this character.


  1. Glad you got the first one,as I couldn't.
    But I can help with the second one.
    It is one of hte Tiger Moth group, but a very hairy one. Relatively common down my way.
    Phaos aglaophara
    You can handle them safely, and easily. The bright red abdomen is distinctive.
    There is a pure white moth, with similar red abdomen.
    Nice photo on Atlas of Living Australia

  2. That second moth is lovely - beautiful colours and markings :) I often trap moths that look really distinctive until I open the id guide and find several species looking almost identical!! so I can appreciate your problems! Love the underwing markings on the first moth.