Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Emperor tale

A Wedge-tail eagle gliding across the front of our house had me getting the camera but as usual by the time I had the camera the eagle had gone over the ridge. However I then noticed a butterfly fluttering around a shrub in the garden, it then became the subject. I recognised it as a Tailed Emperor Polyura pyrrhus semipronius, one of the most striking butterflies that visits our area.

It was very busy depositing eggs under the leaves of a Cootamundra Wattle one of the Acacias that are a favoured food plant for the lava. Their range is throughout northern Australia, NSW and at times into Victoria and SA.
Later in the afternoon I sighted one sunning and managed to get a photo with the wings partially open.


  1. What a beautiful butterfly :) Liked the photo too of the baby python in your last post.

  2. Glad you liked these and I was really pleased to get the open wing shot as most of the times I have seen this butterfly they are either on the move or rested with the wings closed.