Monday, 10 December 2012

Home in a babies bootee

At last some rain, our fire threat is over and now time to enjoy nature. The Mistletoe Birds that have been around a lot must have considered that our abundance of mistletoe was an ideal location to set up house. Today I discovered they have built their nest in the Native Peach tree below our verandah just across the driveway from the Spotted Gum with all the available food. Both the male and female were busy taking turns in the nest and also eating mistletoe berries.
Male on mistletoe (berries on the branch)

 Their nest is quite special as it is made from quite a collection of leaves, feathers, fur and held together with spiderweb and sticky mistletoe gum. It is generally described as looking like a babies bootee or a ladies purse, that has been decorated by the birds with items of brownish tones.

Female in the nest


  1. So glad to hear the fire threat has receded. What a beautiful bird - so colourful and the nest is incredible!

    1. All our community is breathing a sigh of relief that we didn't lose any lives or houses and thank you for your thoughts.
      The male is such a striking little bird and I remember the first time I saw one some 30+ y/a, but this is the first nest I have seen,so very pleased.