Saturday, 12 January 2013

Feeling the heat

The hottest day so far this summer, 39c at 10am and it was not just me that was feeling a tad too warm. I was doing a bit of light work in the pool garden when a shadow passed over me and materialised into a small bird or prey which landed in a tree not too far away.
grabbed the camera and set off to see if it was still in the same location.
After a bit of scouting around I found it as it moved from one tree to another and then happily perched in the shade out of the day's heat.
A bit of quiet walking brought me within photo range and time for a few shots. Light not great and distance a bit far but didn't want to spook it.

 I could see that it was either a Collared Sparrow Hawk or Brown Goshawk but it was only after I looked at the photo on the PC that the identification was Brown Goshawk Accipiter (Leucospiza) fasciatus. Both birds are very similar in appearance but the rounded tail as opposed to square says goshawk. Both birds are also widely distributed throughout Australia.


  1. I had no idea someone had proposed it be moved from "Accipiter".
    Damn taxonomists.
    I support your ID, by the way.
    One of the most frequently disputed on various "chat lines".

    1. Thanks for your confirmation as they are certainly difficult birds to tell apart.