Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wing shine

After being away for some time it is good to get back to the blog and first up are a few photos of a moth that was attracted to the lights yesterday evening.

 The metallic shine of the wings was a particularly striking feature but as yet I haven't identified the species.

The other notable point for identification was two orange coloured spots on the underwings.


  1. What a lovely looking moth Ian. Hope you succeed in identifying it and had a good holiday.

  2. We had a great time in Melbourne minding our grandkids and being tourists.
    I was pleased to get the photos but as yet still no identification.

  3. A little late I know but your white moth above is a Satin Moth, Thalaina selenaea Ian. (I only know because I've not long identifed one of my own photos as such, and accidentally stumbled on your blog whilst searchng for another moth i.d.) Noce blog by the way! :)