Thursday, 12 December 2013

She's blue

Found a visitor on the deck this afternoon not too flighty and stayed for a couple of shots before taking to the wing.
 One of the native carpenter bees, solitary burrowing bees with quite a few species in the family. I am fairly sure this is the female (the male is more green in colour) Metallic Blue Carpenter Bee Xylocopa lestis areatus.


  1. Lovely photo - what beautiful colours. I might be wrong but seems a lot more colourful than the species we have over here :)

  2. It is I think the most striking or our native bees as the metallic shine is outstanding and the photo doesn't capture the full depth of colour. the are a few other blue native bees but none have the brightness of this species. Around the world there seems to be quite a few species of blue bees and i saw a photo of one from Spain which Imaybe the same as you have in England.