Monday, 20 January 2014

The sound of summer

You know when summer has arrived once the cicadas start to sing, drum, thrum,or any other name you would like to give to the non-stop background noise that goes on from sunrise to sunset.
This summer with very dry hot conditions has brought an explosion of  cicadas from small species to large and a walk through the forest can be a deafening experience.
As they spend the majority of the day high in the trees most sightings are as they fly from tree to tree.
I managed to find a couple that were lower down on the trunk of spotted gums and get a few photos.

 I am fairly sure that this a female Razor Grinder Herucopsaltria eydouxii  which is found in Queensland and down the coastal forest areas.

The next one was a simple identification as a distinctive feature gives the common name,
Cherrynose  Macrotristria angularis

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