Sunday, 14 September 2014

Feed and weed

Wild tobacco bush  Solanum mauritianum a native plant from  South America is a prevalent weed in many parts of Australia and common in our district. One of the spreaders of the plant is the native Brown Cuckoo-dove  or Brown pigeon Macropygia amboinen, which is very partial to the fruit that is produced in large bunches on the bush or small tree.

The seeds are deposited with their own supply of fertiliser in the rainforest margins and wet forest areas that are their preferred habitat and are very quick growing. Fortunately they are easy to remove when small, but it is a continuing task for bush regenerators.

These photos show the bird on the Wild tobacco with the flowers and fruit that is swallowed whole ripe or unripe.

They are very hansome Birds and reduction of their natural habitat and their normal feed source has made the opportunistic feeders on this weed.

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