Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Osprey overhead

We often hear Osprey calling as they fly over or they rise in the updraft on our hillside and today one was overhead riding the breeze and calling. I was able to get a photo but it was too high for a nice clear shot, so this one is just for the record.

We are lucky to have a few pair that have territories in our area and they are regularly sighted around the lake. 


  1. Great sighting Ian and it must be wonderful to see them so close to home. Over here I very occasionally see them locally on passage but the closest breeding areas are several hours drive away!

  2. We are fortunate to have the ospreys in our area and some years back we had a pair nesting near the lake in front of our house but they gave up the site after the Lace Monitor lizards found the nest and devoured their chicks. They then moved to a much higher tree around the point and seem happy with the new nest. In Forster a pair have a nest on a communication tower and have used that site for many years.