Saturday, 1 November 2014

Bandy in the pool

Hot weather and the pool is inviting and that was a problem for a Bandy-Bandy snake last night when after the swim it had a problem getting out or the pool and got stuck in the skimmer box. When I discovered it I found that it has got stuck so after releasing the opening flap it was able to get out, to the swim across the pool.

 Bandy-Bandy vermicella annulata are obviously spectacular looking snakes but rarely seen by people as they are nocturnal. A burrowing snake that is happy under rocks or logs and hunts through burrows for Blind Snakes their main prey, although lizards are also taken.
Although venomous they are not regarded as dangerous, being quite small ( this one's head was smaller than my little finger nail).
After I scooped it out of the pool it was very happy to get back to finding its burrow under the rocks on the pool edge.


  1. What a beautiful snake Ian - we don't get many species over here so its good to see the variety in Australia :)

    1. The Bandy-Bandy is probably the most spectacular looking of our snakes but as it is nocturnal not seen that often. We are lucky to have such a large group of reptiles and apart from a couple of them pleased to have them in our backyard.