Saturday, 20 December 2014

Morning Glory Hawk Moth

Yesterday I found this large moth resting on a window frame and had the opportunity to take a few photos before it had had enough and flew to a more appropriate spot in a eucalyptus.

The distinctive pink and black stripes on the body made identification as a Convolvulus Hawk Moth Agrius convolvuli quite simple.
The food source for its caterpillars are plants in the Convolulus family which include sweet potatoes where farmers regard it as a pest and Morning Glory vine which in our area is a weed of significance. On balance as we don't have too many sweet potato farms around we would like more of these moths to help us control the Morning Glory in the bushland.


  1. Wow!! What a beauty :) There is something very special about Hawkmoths :) Great photos - thanks so much for sharing - have a Happy Christmas.

  2. It was an unexpected find and so pleased I was able to get the photos, as as you said they are special moths.
    Thank you for your Christmas wishes and I my best wishes for the season and New Year.