Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Colour shines through

I found a moth resting out of the wet weather on our verandah blind and the morning light was shining through the wings and highlighting the underwing pattern and colours.

The definite pattern and colour I thought would be best for identification,  as the upper wing colour and pattern is less distinctive, as I found when I moved the moth onto a wooden table.

The colour of course is much stronger when viewed directly, as shown when I was moving the moth.

It is a female Red-lined Geometrid Crypsiphora ocultaria which is found over most of Australia and the caterpillars feed on Eucalyptus species.


  1. A beautiful moth Ian with the most lovely underwing colouration. We have a few over here which are various species of Yellow Underwing which look pretty dull until their under wings are exposed and you get to see the yellow and black :)

    1. I was pleased to find this mot and to be able to have the contrast between the plain grey and the striking under wing colour. I think it is that unexpected reveal of the underwing pattern and colouring that makes many of the moths so special.