Friday, 24 April 2015

More fungi large & small

Fortunately we missed the wild weather that dumped torrential rain south of us in the Hunter Valley and Sydney but we still have had enough to be ideal for the fungi to fruit.
 We have one very large specimen put in an appearance next to our driveway so it cannot be overlooked.

It is the size of a dinner plate and the stark white stands out from the dark leaf litter.
I am fairly sure the identification is the False Parasol Chlorophyllum molybdites which is poisonous where as a similar looking species is the Parasol Mushroom  Macrolepiota dolichaula is edible.

This fungus fly Tapeigaster luteipennis must have thought all its birthdays had arrived with the size of this one.

Other species have not been so easy to identify but I will keep working on them.

Agaricus aff. langei

Scleroderma citrinum or cepa

Pycnoporus coccineus


  1. A great selection of fungi there :) Must admit I find id very difficult apart from the really distinctive species. Good Luck with identifying yours.

    1. I am still struggling with the identification but think I have got one sorted and have added the name. Took some more photos today showing a couple of new ones and some change to one above.