Monday, 1 June 2015

Swift rescue

Last night a fluttering and knocking against a window alerted me to a moth caught in a spider web and it looked far too big for the tiny spider in whose nest it was caught.
It needed rescuing and I wanted a photo, so it was a win, win outcome.
After cleaning some web off its antennae I brought it inside for some photos before releasing.

I haven't found any identification references that show the exact patterning but the closest was one of the Swift Moth family Oxycanus rufescens which had the colouring, brown markings but a couple of extra white spots. This species is found in our area.


  1. Beautiful moth Ian - we get members of the Swift family over here. Glad to see he was none the worse for his ordeal :)

  2. I was pleased to find and rescue this one andpleased you liked the post.