Friday, 30 September 2016

difficult identification

A couple of nights ago I photographed a moth that was on the window and quite certain it was one of the GEOMETRIDAE family but finding the right ID was another story. There are so many species and many looking very similar but I finally settled on one that had most of the features.

The photo I was using for my identification was of a collected specimen in the Queensland museum, maxates selenosema, and I couldn't find any other references. However I did find another photo posted which was supposed to be of this species but looked nothing like the museum specimen, so I am thinking it was incorrect.
The blue body colour and leading edge on the forewings plus the two white wavy lines were the significant characteristics. It is listed as found in Queensland but no other information was found. If anyone can add information regaring this moth I would be very pleased.


  1. A lovely looking moth Ian - I can agree that moth identification is exceedingly hard at times even over here where we probably have less species! Do hope someone can confirm your id.

  2. When I see these Geometridae moths I worry about their identity as there are so many with green colouring and the markings not that dissimilar, but you have to do the best with what is available.
    Yes I hope I get confirmation of the ID.