Monday, 21 March 2011

Out & about

Mother wallaby visited just outside the office this morning and the youngster hopped out of the pouch to test out the use of legs. It was obvious that it was one of the early excursions out of the pouch, as it was a bit gangly and not wanting to move too far from mum.
We have a fallen tree trunk about 4m long as part of our landscape and mum was feeding on one side and the youngster would do a circuit around the log and then back to mum. When first out of the pouch they love to tear off at full pace, slightly out of control with legs flying all over the place. A few rounds of the log then back to mum, stick the head in the pouch for a drink, then off again. Mum hopped off about 20m to feed and he was away after her at top speed; we never tire of watching the joey's antics at this stage of their life.

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