Monday, 14 March 2011

What's in a name

Many Australian birds have been given names that are more correctly applied to birds of the northern hemisphere, as the first Europeans arriving here based the names on the resemblance to birds of their homeland.
This bird is known for it's melodious song and was given the name Grey Thrush, but it also had habits that reminded people of shrikes, so it became the Grey-shrike Thrush, although it is not a member of either family.
Grey Shrike-thrush (female)
There are 5 species of Shrike-thrushes found in Australia and the Grey-shrike Thrush is the most widespread on the north and  east of the continent. The Western Shrike-thrush takes its place in the west, centre and south west. They are resident birds in our area, so we have the pleasure of their song throughout the year.

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