Friday, 5 August 2011

Blossom time

Getting some bird photos at present is a little difficult as the eucalyptus are starting to blossom which has meant that the birds are in the tree tops either feeding on the blossoms or the insects that are feeding on the blossom. Our lemon scented gum is a major attraction and there were Brown honeyeaters, Eastern spine-bills, Yellow-faced honeyeaters, Lewin honeyeaters and even a mistletoe bird busy feeding and the bird calls were competing to be heard over the hum of the bees that were also hard at work.
lemon scented gum Eucalyptus citrodora

Mistletoe Bird amongst the gum blossoms
Also had a visit from a odd looking moth last night and managed a couple of photos this morning.
Hypographa phlegetonaria

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