Monday, 29 August 2011

Tree climber

After a couple of weeks away we are back and enjoying spring weather. Today was quite warm which brought out one of our Lace Monitor lizards which I surprised as I walked down the track. faced with a possible threat it took the usual action and headed for the nearest tree and climbed with the first dash making about 5m, out of danger and a chance to look over its shoulder to assess the potential danger.

The next move was to switch to the other side of the tree away from the potential threat and move higher.

Of course when I moved down the track so I could see it, that was time to switch back to the original side and go higher to a branch to stop and wait until the threat (me) had gone, before returning to the ground to continue its search for food. This is the first sighting of a monitor this season and is a sure sign of an early spring.

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