Friday, 27 January 2012

More birds on the wire

Our power wires are favourite perches for many of our bird visitors, where they have a great vantage point to watch for insects. Today we had a family of Dusky Wood-swallows Artamus cyanopterus, perched on the wires and the adults were swooping on insects to bring back to the two youngsters, who were quite happy to wait on the wire for their food to be delivered.

The adults were on the move all the time and briefly coming to the wire to rest and look for the next insect, to then swoop down and bring back a snack for the youngsters.
These birds are migratory visitors to our area and at times arrive in considerable numbers, but this family is the first we have seen for some time. They range down the coastal areas of the east coast through to SE South Australia, Tasmania and also in southern WA.

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