Thursday, 26 January 2012

Under and over

Looking to get a photo of a Lewin Honeyeater this evening when I spotted a tree creeper on an adjacent tree and as I have been trying for ages to get a photo of a tree creeper it suddenly became the subject. Very difficult to get a good shot as they are constantly moving on the tree and generally on the side opposite to where you are. However I did manage to get a couple of shots but not of the quality I would have liked; still enough for me to identify the bird as a White-throated tree-creeper cormobates leucophaea.


  1. Well done on getting the treecreeper photos Ian. They are better than the ones I managed last year! Lovely little birds creeping along tree trunks like small mice!

  2. Thank you, I was very pleased to get the photos, they are such difficult birds to capture and as you note very engaging when you see them work over a tree.