Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Candle power

A standout native plant hybrid that we have in the garden is Banksia "Giant Candles" a cross between B.spinulosa & B.ericifolia, both being standout plants in their own right. However "Giant Candles" combines the best features and has fantastic flower spikes that are a powerful attraction for honeyeaters.
We have a spike on ours that is 300mm in length and today the honey eaters were busy flitting down for a quick sip and I managed to get a shot of a Yellow-Faced Honeyeater before it dashed off.

The birds would alternate between the Banksia and the Grevilleas along side and they are not inclined to spend too much time at any one plant and were not particularly cooperative in getting in ideal positions for their photos.

Immature Eastern Spinebill on Grevillea "Orange Marmalade"

Eastern Spinebill on Grevillea "Honey Gem"

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