Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weed and a Wanderer

We have a lot of Wanderers Danaus plexippus plexippus around at present and today one was very cooperative whilst having a feed on Lantana flowers in a shaft of sunlight coming through the trees.

As it moved over the flowers the wings were being opened and closed and that allowed a couple of variations for me to photograph.

Lantana Lantana camara is a weed of national significance, particularly in NSW and Queensland where it has invaded large tracts of land. We have our fair share and it is an ongoing battle to keep the weed under control. Butterflies however love the flowers as do some of the small birds but it produces a prolific amount of small berries that many birds find irresistible and then spread seeds far and wide.

I particularly like the shot above with the sunlight showing through the wings giving a stained glass window effect.


  1. What a beautiful butterfly and super photos. I was just about to comment how the wings reminded me of stained glass when I read your last sentence!

    1. Yest it is such a striking patten that stained glass does immediately jump to mind.