Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Red brow, white nape

Yesterday I noticed a few White-naped Honeyeaters Melithreptus lunatus  in the pepper tree outside the back door but they were deep in the foliage and I was not able to get a photo. However today one was keen to get a drink from the waterlily bowl and spent a few minutes getting in position enabling a quick photo (although I didn't have time to adjust my speed so a bit of blurring).
There are two forms of this bird with the eastern form having the orange-red brow and is found down the east coast through to South Australia. The western form has a whitish eyebrow and is found in the south western corner of WA.


  1. Hi Ian
    I have written two recent posts which mention similar disjunct populations of birds and plants (related plants and animals, some differently speciated, some not).
    It is an interesting phenomenon.

  2. It is facinating to see variations in the separated forms of the same species.