Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Orchids three

Today I was fortunate to find three of the orchids on the property out in flower and looking at last year's photos I found that I had these same three spread from May through to August. However this year the orchids do not seem to be as prolific as last year.
The Blunt Greenhood Orchid Pterostylis curta has a number of patches with the flowers just starting to develop and this flower was the only one in the patch that was in full flower.

Only one sole plant of White Fingers Caladenia catenata to be found in flower but as last year's examples were in August I hope we will have more to come.

The third orchid; Pixie Caps Acianthus fornicatus was one of two plants that were in flower, with many of the others in the patch either finished flowering or just developing flower stems.
Last year I photographed them in May but misidentified them as Tiny Mosquito Orchids Acianthus exiguus.

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