Sunday, 25 November 2012


A group of White-winged Choughs visited for awhile this morning, scratching through the leaf litter and the odd flight to some low branch. Apart from the small sign of white on the wing the name looks like a misnomer, until they fly and the large white wing patch is visible.


  1. We are driven to distraction by a group of these guys here, so sooner do we clean up the leaf litter over the paths than they come back and scatter it all again. Worse than having a group of chooks around the garden.

    I have been following your great blog via google reader and it does not provide an opportunity to comment.

    1. Hi Bruce, good to hear from you and that you are enjoying the blog. Have been a little light on this year but hope to get back to bloging a bit more often.
      The choughs don't visit all that frequently but they are funny chatacters although as you say a bit messy. Mind you not as bad as our three chooks if I let them wander through the garden as they tend to dig out plants and that is very annoying.
      Haven't used google reader so don't know the limitations. Hope all weel with you guys.