Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tattered Old Lady

Well actually a "Southern Old Lady Moth" Daspodia selenophora that took shelter under on a rafter under the deck. The camouflage is so good I am sure I would not have seen it if it hadn't fluttered onto that spot having been disturbed from the ground below. A reasonably large moth, with a wingspan to 90mm with large eye spots and generally a night flier.
One of the NOCTUIDAE family and found throughout southern Australia, NZ and south to Macquarie Island in Antarctic waters. the caterpillars feed mainly on Acacia species 


  1. Lovely moth as you say the camouflage is brilliant. We have a species over here called "Old Lady" so named because its markings resemble an old lady's shawl.

    1. I think that the same reason for this moth being an "Old Lady" is also likely to be the shawl like markings, although many of our flora and fauna are named because of the similarities to those "back home".