Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Golden feed stop

Our Grevillea "Honey Gem" is in full flower and is proving to be a regular feeding stop for many of our birds, particularly the honeyeaters. Throughout the day they flit in and out spending just enough time to top up their energy. The wrens like the one below are early arrivals to supplement their insect diet with a sip of nectar and maybe pick up and insect or two that are also after the nectar.
The honeyeaters of various species are often feeding together but the arrival of one of the larger birds will cause a sudden departure of the smaller cousins.
Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Brown-headed Honeyeater
Lewin Honeyeater
Striated Thornbill
White-cheeked Honyeater


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  2. Hi Ian.
    Nice photos of birds in the Grevilleas, but your Thornbill is a Brown, not a Striated Thornbill.
    Forehead has scalloped markings, whereas Striated had a clearly brown forehear with white lines.