Saturday, 19 April 2014

The call went out

A busy time not allowing much action with the camera and there has been little in the way of new exciting subjects. However that is not much of an excuse as even the everyday subjects are worth new angles.
But today a promising photo opportunity was announced as I was going to let the chooks out for their afternoon foraging. On my way to their yard my attention was drawn by lots of birds giving warning calls and looking up to where they were coming from found a Brown Goshawk perched on a branch and quite unconcerned at all the ruckus around it. Went to get the camera thinking that it would probably be gone when I got back but found it had stayed put and was unfazed by my presence.

My previous posting of a Brown Goshawk was a fuzzy long distance shot and I am still not certain of the identification thinking it may have been a Collared Sparrowhawk as the tail although roundish has a slight fork which is one of the means of identifying between the two. This one has a definite rounded tail and the broad barring on the breast is indicative of a young bird.

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