Sunday, 18 October 2015

Time of the year

October is the month when reptiles are out and about as the weather warms up and it is time to go looking for a mate. The two Diamond Pythons that we have living in the vicinity of the house are combining a dip in the waterlily bowl with mating activity.
When I first saw a Python in the waterlily bowl two weeks ago I thought it was after the goldfish, but no, on a closer look saw that there were actually two snakes in the bowl, although one was  submerged and eating a fish was not the aim.

They were quite active moving around in the bowl, intertwining in knots and after some time in the bowl came to the rim to spent time in the sun.


In the afternoon they left the bowl and curled up under a bush in the garden then next morning have a repeat performance.
This took place for a week and then they left and I didn't see them again until today when they were back in the bowl.

 This afternoon they left the bowl and coiled alongside each other on the pavers and I will be interested to see if they continue their aquatic activity tomorrow.
 The largest is around 2m with the smaller being about 1.5m but I don't know which is the male or female. (the larger is the one that captured the young wallaby two years ago)

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