Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Too young for a golden crown

The large python and the lace monitors still putting in appearances today but the best find was when I was digging out soil from the compost bin and uncovered a small snake. It was one I hadn't seen here previously but as it was only about 250mm long I thought it could be a juvenile of one of the snakes that I see as adults.
It was quite feisty and anxious to get away however I manage to get it into a bucket so I could get a photo. A white bowl turned out to be the best container, as I could get the camera close and the side of the bowl was too slippery for the little critter to slither out.

Looked up my snake reference book and looking still uncertain, went to my snake web reference www.whatsnakeisthat.com.au 
Quickly found it to be a juvenile Golden-crowned Snake Cacophis squamulosus that range coastal areas from central Queensland to southern NSW. The adults are a dark brown with the distinctive golden stripe around the head but as shown in the photo not joining at the nape.
A nocturnal egg laying species and not seen often during the day when they are under rocks or in deep crevices. Venomous growing to about 700mm they prey upon small lizards, lizard eggs, blind snakes and small frogs but not regarded as harmful to humans.



  1. Welcome back - have missed your posts from Australia. What a beautiful snake.

  2. Just catching up on the activities of your very busy garden. Good stuff, quite different to here in the Capertee Valley

  3. Sorry I have been very lax in opening my blog and very late in seeing your comments.
    Seem to have little time of late and not seeing a lot of new wildlife to post.