Sunday, 3 April 2016

Grass yellow on a gum leaf

Quite a lot of butterflies around at present with our continuing summery weather and I have posted photos previously of most. However one that has been fairly elusive as far as getting a photo has been the Common Grass Yellow Eurema hecabe as they seem to be constantly on the move fluttering from plant to plant and hardly alighting for any length of time.
Today I was in luck as I spotted one that was just warming up after a night that was not that cool but a very heavy dew was coating all the vegetation.

 They are distributed through the northern half of Australia with to as far south as Sydney where they are found in autumn where as in the north the adults can be found throughout the year.
The larval food plants include many that can be found on our property such as, Breynia, Acacia spp and indigofera.


  1. Well done on finally getting a photo - a pretty little butterfly. I've been looking for yellow Brimstones here that are usually one of the first butterflies to appear but no luck so far!

    1. It is particularly pleasing to capture the photo of a specimen that has been elusive so I hope you have luck with your yellow Brimstone.