Thursday, 31 March 2016

More moths

Found two more moths that I have not seen before that I have been able to identify and others that I have not so I am restricting this post to the know species.
The first was attracted by the light through the window and fluttered up and down before settling to allow a photo.

It is the Pink Bellied Moth or Hakea Wine Moth  Oenochroma vinaria and the caterpillars feed on grevilleas, hakeas and banksias. 

The next morning I found this very pretty emerald flat out against the ceiling on the verandah giving me an excellent opportunity for a photo. 
Another of the many Geometroidea family this species is Eucyclodes syn Anisozga pieroides  the Wattle Bizarre Looper whose caterpillars feed on acacia species, roses, macadamias, and Syzygium leuhmannii .


  1. Beautiful :) Thank you so much for sharing - I find it fascinating to see moths from a different part of the world :)

  2. Pleased to be able to share my photos and as you say it is nice to see moths (and other wildlife) from other parts of the world:)