Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fringed Helmet Orchid

Found a small patch of Fringed Helmet Orchids Corybas fimbriata this morning amongst the leaf litter as I was tidying up some fallen branches ready for the fire. These tiny orchids are in the peak of their flowering season and this patch about 50cm square had many in flower, just rising above their single leaf.
Moist areas in forest, coastal scrub and heath  areas with leaf litter, are the habitats for these beautiful little orchids that range through Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.
They are one of the 13 orchid species that we have found on our property.


  1. What a great little find, very unique.

    1. Thanks for the comment very pleased to find them last year but have not seen them in flower this year, but may have missed or they are yet to flower.