Friday, 3 June 2011

Evening Brown

True to its name I found this Evening Brown Melanitis leda bankia just on sunset as it flew in and settled amongst the leaf litter. It is so well camouflaged I am sure you would miss it if you didn't see it move.
This is the first of these butterflies that I have seen or should I say that I have seen close enough to be able to identify. It has two distinct seasonal forms and this is the winter form, although there is considerable variation in both forms (source Butterflies of Australia I.F.B Common and D.F.Waterhouse)
Last rays of sun shining through the wings
This is the Australian representative of the genus and ranges through north western Australia, Northern Territory, the Islands of Torres Strait and from Cape York down the east coast to about Sydney.
Our property has quite a good supply of one of the larva's food sources,blady grass Imperata cylindrica, so I hope to be able to see more of these butterflies and with luck get a photo with the wings opened. 

With the light on the wings

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