Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wash time

Finally after five days of terrible weather the east coast low that has been causing it moved away, but not before dumping over 180mm of rain and lashing us with winds over 50kmph. however we were lucky as many areas to the north had three times as much rain and have extensive floods. The break in the weather allowed the sun to comeout and it was time for the wildlife to venture out. One of our female wallabys took advantage to sit back and give the youngster a clean. It was content just getting to look at the world outside the pouch and take a bit of sun.


  1. Another lovely photo Ian. Hope your cold is better soon and the weather improves. Its cold with lots of rain showers here at the moment.

  2. sorry I missed your comment and just found it when I was uploading the latest post. I am now over my cols and we are enjoying beautiful winter weather, cold enough for the fire but clear sunny days. I hope you are now having better summer weather.