Thursday, 28 July 2011

Colour uncovered

Last night two moths drawn to the light of the kitchen window enabled me to bring them inside for a photo shoot. The first was a beige colour with a black stripe across the wings but when I placed it on the kitchen bench it displayed the previously hidden colour of the hind wings.
Checking the identification proved not too difficult as the colours and markings make it hard to confuse, so it is a male Gastrophora hendricaria  Guenee  and is found throughout SE Australia.
The second moth as yet remains unidentified but the prominent white spots on the wings I hope will give me the key.


  1. The first moth is beautiful and I love the colour and markings on the hindwings Ian. Great photos.

  2. I was very pleased when the moth spread the wings and I saw the beautiful colur and markings. Have posted another today but couldn't get a shot with the wings sread to get the full colour and markings.