Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No sting in the tail

Di found this little critter climbing along her sleeve and was uncertain of the identity and glad it was not large, just in case it was a poisonous critter.

Although it looks like its poisonous arachnid cousin this character is a False Scorpion Synsphyronus sp. ?
One of the some 150 species so far identified in Australia where can be found under bark, leaf litter or in the house where they often arrive on firewood or getting a ride attached to a larger insect. Some species are known as Book Scorpions, as a result of being found in books, particularly old and dusty copies where they find their prey , the book louse.
It was a difficult photo to get as the macro still only had it as a speck as it was only about 2mm in length, so took the shot through my 8x Lupe and that was about a sharp as I could get.

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