Sunday, 24 July 2011

Greenhood exposed

Torrential rain over the past five days kept me indoors for most of the time and the wildlife under shelter, but today we had the sun out and a chance to get out and about. I have been watching a patch of greenhood orchids, waiting for the flower to develop and today the first of the flowers opened so it is the subject of today's blog. This small patch of greenhoods developed in the wood chip mulch in one of the garden beds three years ago much to my delight and has continued to flower each year. However I discovered I need to keep a wire cover over when they are in flower, as I found last year that the wallabies like the flowers as a tasty treat.

One of the many greenhood species this one is the Blunt Greenhood Pterostylis curta and is found in all Australian states except WA and NT. It is the only greenhood species that we have found on our property to date.

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