Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Night & Day

A white moth fluttering against the window got my attention last night and when it settled I managed to get a photo. When I zoomed in to have a look I was taken by the bright red and black lines colouring the costa of the fore wing.

Although I was not able to get a photo with the rear wings, when I found the identification on the Butterfly House website its description notes that the rear wings have a number of black spots on white wings, so all in all a striking moth. Found the identification in the ARCTIIDAE family Aloa marginata, (Donovan 1805) Donovan's Tiger Moth. The moth which found throughout Australia is about 3cm long and the larvae feed on a wide range of herbaceous plants. It was still in place this morning which enabled a daytime photo.


  1. That really is a stunning moth Ian. I wish I could find something so colourful in my garden :D

  2. It certainly surprised me as I was expecting a plain white moth. I started looking at moths more closely after finding your blog and the interest that was being taken in British moths, so I have you to thank. Cheers