Saturday, 3 September 2011

Wildflower wander

Dianella caerulea
White Fingers Caladenia catenata
Hardenbergia violacea
 Gristle fern Blechnum cartilagineum
Rough Maidenhair fern Adiantum hispidulum
Rasp fern Doodia aspera
Indigofera australis
Dusky Coral Pea Kennedia rubicunda

Pink Fingers Caladenia carnea
I thought I would do a short wander through a section of our forest area to check out the wildflowers that spring has brought into bloom. Our garden has lots of native plants as well as exotics and is a picture at present but I restricted my photos to the flowers that are indigenous to the area.
Hibertia diffusa

Clematis aristata

Lomandra longifolia 
Buttercup Ranunculus lappaceus                

Bees at a wild hive in Eucalyptus
Don herbison Evans helped me out with yesterday's moth identification; not a woolly bear although quite woolly, but Iropoca rotundata.

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