Wednesday, 18 May 2011

If the name fits.

Three characters today with common names that seem very appropriate and all to do with their appearance. First off we had a visit from a Willie Wagtail Rhipidura leucophrys, a fantail flycatcher that gets its name for the constant sideways movement of its tail each time it lands. They are found throughout Australia and are much loved for their chatter and call which seems to say "Sweet pretty creature".

Then a little latter in the day the warmer weather brought out a Yellow-faced Whip Snake demansia psammophis to take some sun, before winter keeps it hidden away. The thin whip like body identifies the whip snakes and the yellow comma marking around the eye gives this one its distinguishing name.

Finally when I was cutting some firewood a Jewel beetle caught my eye and its metallic shine makes it worthy of its name. Jewel beetles (Family buprestidae) is a major family with over 1200 species in 78 genera in Australia and I don't know the specific species of this one.

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